About Us

Symbiartic Glass is the brand representing the creative works of Tyler G. 

The foundation of Symbiartic began back in New Jersey in a shed at a good buddy's house. He was experimenting with honey comb type percs being made by hand. After pulling a 13 bore hollow mille section with the intention of slicing into small sections to make a hand made honey comb.

After cleaning up the ends of a 10 in section he realized the potentional of the elongated hollow millie perc. Over the course of the next 3 years, he experimented with more bores, cutting into the bores to make a lattice diffuser as well as playing around with the different potential welding techniques. During this time Tyler developed the vac-weld style that is now paramount to the cleanliness of inlaying a hollow millie based perc into a tube section.

After graduating engineering school and working in industry for a while, I had an empty feeling and always dreamt of living in Colorado no matter what job I was doing. In 2015 he made the jump and quit corporate america to attempt the dream in Colorado. Hustling trade shows and living off nothing for the first few years to build a reputable name and brand while evolving the works in his portfolio, the work never seemed to stop but the fire burned ever brighter. 

Today the hydraulic engineering utilized in his works have become a staple to his brand. The unique shaping and use of color from his original bench work days came back full circle to allow him to make some of the most innovative flower tube functional art on the current market.

Forever grateful for these experiences.